HARVEST eco-salvage
    HARVEST eco-salvage is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation
    dedicated to keeping usable building materials out of the landfill.

HARVEST eco-salvage, like Eco-Logic before it,  is a new type of Non-Profit Corporation that is

totally self-funding and does not rely on grants or public funding to operate.  We rely on word-of-

mouth referrals and our hard-earned, excellent reputation.  We are proud to have repeat donors.

HARVEST eco-salvage uses experienced, licensed, and insured construction crews to glean the

site assuring the high reuse potential of the materials.  We coordinate with the donor and their

General Contractor to glean the materials in an efficient and timely manner to prevent job delays

and scheduling conflicts. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in appraisal valu-                                         ation, construction, architecture, building codes, and business management.

Our donors pay the costs to implement our program and the program rewards the donors and our community repeatedly, initially with a significant charitable tax donation, then again with the knowledge that their donation provides jobs in our community as well as puts those gleaned materials back to work, lessening the load on our landfills.

Our donors like us, our environment likes us, our neighbors in need like us and even the IRS likes us.

A win-win for everyone!

Our program is unique and is US Patent pending.

Please contact us to find out more about our program and arrange a site visit to allow us to assess how our program can best serve you.

Thank you,

Linda Eales, Executive Director 

Formerly known as The Eco-Logic  Foundation, we have

reorganized as HARVEST eco-salvage.  Through our 16

years of experience in the Phoenix metro area we have

learned what works best in gleaning usable building mater-

ials from structures set for demolition or substantial

remodeling.  In those 16 years we earned an un-blemised

reputation with the IRS and issued millions of dollars in

Charitable Non-Cash Deductions, all while keeping millions

of pounds of usable building materials out of local landfills

and back at work in the community.  Our donors are issued these deductions based upon stringent IRS rules that require an IRS Qualified Real Estate Appraisal, inventory  and materials tracking, and regulations governing material handling, material distribution and material storage. Donors receive IRS form 8283 for a Non-Cash Charitable Donation.

Know of a group in need?  Please let them know about us.  The

majority (over 90%) of the materials gleaned from our program are

redistributed to other Non-Profits, community service groups, 

low-income housing groups, trade schools, educational programs,

theater groups and artist co-ops,  at no charge to them. We accept

donation requests from such groups, as well as continually seek

out new uses for the gleaned materials.  We are in the "keeping

materials out of the landfill business".  We do not operate a

used building material thrift store.  We are proud partners with

Habitat for Humanity ReStore, whose profits from the sale of used

materials helps to fund their new construction projects.