This is how we  deconstruct.   This kitchen was totally re-usable.  Now donated for use at a  new home and  the donors  have a clean slate to start their new plan.

The unique, Patent Pending program offered by Harvest Eco-Salvage averages 85% of the mass (pounds) of materials diverted from the landfill, and those materials are back at work in our community.  Our donors continually express their happiness with choosing this program, it makes them feel good because "the old house isn't going to the dump" and that so many others will benefit from it's gleaned materials

  HARVEST eco-salvage
    HARVEST eco-salvage is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation
    dedicated to keeping usable building materials out of the landfill.


HERE ARE THE NUMBERS:   In Phoenix, Arizona, a 2000 square foot, single story, masonry  residence with a 2 car garage and a medium size pool contains an average of 631,000 pounds of building materials.

Linda Eales is the founder and Executive Director with 20 years of experience in de-construction and environmentally sensitive demolition.  In conjunction with her architectural practice, Linda co-founded The Eco-Logic Foundation in 1999.  Linda is also a retired  General Contractor, Building Inspector and Green Building Expert.  Her construction experience and first hand experience with the massive quantities of materials taken to the landfills daily prompted her to find a better way to process these materials and reduce waste.  She has a curious mind which has led her to ask

questions and research options others may have not explored. After 44 years in private practice designing and building homes, her second career brings her full circle to now making monetary, social and environmental sense of urban redevelopment and the changing landscape of both commercial and residential properties.


James Wilson Rouse, Pioneering Developer and Philanthropist

Harvest eco-salvage is a better way.  Not only do we save millions of pounds of materials from our landfills, we grant millions of dollars in tax deductions annually.

Our strict compliance with IRS rules and regulations governing this type of donation has resulted in a perfect record so far with no donation rejected by the IRS to date.

All potential donors are strongly advised to consult with their tax professionals to see how this program can benefit their tax situation.

The staff and associates of Harvest Eco-Salvage have decades of experience in construction, real estate and accounting. With our combined experience we are constantly researching new ways to reuse or re-purpose materials and create the most efficient practices for gleaning these materials.

Unfortunately too many people are unaware of the amount of building materials that can be recycled or re-purposed.  Buildings set for demolition are not garbage!  In fact concrete is 100% recyclable and so is asphaltWe send millions of pounds of concrete slabs, concrete block, natural stone and concrete pools to crushers which reduce  them to ABC fill which is used in every new construction project and road construction.  Asphalt is granulated, melted and reused as road surface, roofing,

water-proofing, etc. The readily reusable materials, cabinets, appliances, dual pane windows, etc., are saved and donated to other Non-Profits that need materials. We get the materials, they put them back to work in our community.  Working together results in our Win-Win roadmap to the greater good for our community.